JACKOFTRADZE Custom Mos Eisley Cantina Denizens

My favorite customizer makes all kinds of amazing figures from dark Sith lords to my favorite cantina patrons. Here are a few pictures of the cantina patrons i have bought from him. Be sure to drop by his blog and don’t forget to check out his once a week auctions on ebay.


Tonnika sisters, Tzizvvt, Arleil Scous, Merc Sanlet, Yerka Mig, Danz Borin, Garouf Lafoe, Baniss Keg & Ubiquitous man of Mos Eisley. All of these bums were in the movie.


About jonvonfrost

I'm an old school fool who has been into metal/punk/industrial since 1981. With the downfall of my metal music blog vonfrostblog & deadvondamn i will continue to post all kinds of music here.
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