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Bom Vimdin TVC action figure is here!

Finally! The Canadian mail is moving again and my Bom Vindin figure showed up today. happy,happy,joy,joy…. Advertisements

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2010/2011 Vintage Collection Rebel Fleet Trooper

I don’t normally collect the rebels, the good guys if you will…however! i just had to grab this new Rebel fleet Trooper, just an amazing looking figure and a great army builder. Fantastic figure reviews from this flyguy on youtube … Continue reading

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JACKOFTRADZE Custom Mos Eisley Cantina Denizens

My favorite customizer makes all kinds of amazing figures from dark Sith lords to my favorite cantina patrons. Here are a few pictures of the cantina patrons i have bought from him. Be sure to drop by his blog and … Continue reading

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Yak Face Becomes Blue Snaggletooth

And in the star wars online Galaxy…… Yak Face Becomes Blue Snaggletooth… Blue Snaggletooth  

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Ultimate Gamorrean guard (RANCOR SLAYER)

Hello¬† folks, A post from my old blog ‘I [HEART] STAR WARS’ This Ultimate Gamorrean guard (RANCOR SLAYER) was not my idea. I stumbled on the idea while browsing the rebelscum forums where a couple of guys did a simple … Continue reading

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King Ludwig I & II

My custom star wars slaver/pimp. This Ithorian calls himself King Ludwig and he hangs out and supply’s the lady’s for Jabba’s palace. He has no relation to Momaw Nadon. Ithorians were a mammalian herbivorous sentient species from the planet Ithor. … Continue reading

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