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Bom Vimdin TVC action figure is here!

Finally! The Canadian mail is moving again and my Bom Vindin figure showed up today. happy,happy,joy,joy….

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I have a huge interest in world war 2  and since the evil empire in Star Wars is pretty much copied from The Third Reich i really wanted some NaziStar wars toys. While searching online for ww 2 influenced figures i came accross Pack Rat Studios and seen that he had made some in the past. I asked him to make make me a few and here they are, i love them!


Please drop by and say hi . . . .and see more pictures of these figures and some kick as steam punk figures.

packratstudios Blog


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2010/2011 Vintage Collection Rebel Fleet Trooper

I don’t normally collect the rebels, the good guys if you will…however! i just had to grab this new Rebel fleet Trooper, just an amazing looking figure and a great army builder.

Fantastic figure reviews from this flyguy on youtube


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2010/2011 vintage collection Bom Vimdin

Vimdin is just an amazing looking action figure, I can’t wait for the new Bonda Paba and Evazan figures.

This Vimdinwill be great for it’s weapons and accessories to be used on custom figures, so i’ll be sure to pick up a couple. Just waiting for my Bom Vimdin to show up it the mail….damn it’s taking a long time.

A cool review a guy did for youtube

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JACKOFTRADZE Custom Mos Eisley Cantina Denizens

My favorite customizer makes all kinds of amazing figures from dark Sith lords to my favorite cantina patrons. Here are a few pictures of the cantina patrons i have bought from him. Be sure to drop by his blog and don’t forget to check out his once a week auctions on ebay.


Tonnika sisters, Tzizvvt, Arleil Scous, Merc Sanlet, Yerka Mig, Danz Borin, Garouf Lafoe, Baniss Keg & Ubiquitous man of Mos Eisley. All of these bums were in the movie.

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Custom Mos Eisley Cantina Denizens

Here are a few of my own custom cantina patrons.

unnamed Gotal (sits with Momaw Nadon),Chalmun the Wookie,Lak Sivrak (Re-paint),Spaceman # 2 (aka by fans “Cantina Dude”  aka “Yellow Spacer”),Lirin Car’n,Baniss Keeg and ubiquitous man of Mos Eisley

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